iO West Harold Team Changes: The Cartel

There has been another seasonal shake-up of Harold teams at iO West. My old team, Natural 20, was sadly broken up after an 8-month run. However, after auditions last Sunday, I have been lucky enough to be added to a different mainstage team, The Cartel. The Cartel has been a popular team at iO West for the past few years, and it’s a huge honor to be asked to join them. Also joining the team is the wonderful Lauri Roggenkamp, of Hot Toddy fame (and a fellow Student of the Year).

Since I got the good news on Monday, things have been moving fast. I had my first rehearsal with the team last night (which was also the team’s first rehearsal with its new coach, Annie Kouris), and we have our first show tonight at 9:30 on the iO West Mainstage (with Bandit). After meeting the group and rehearsing with them, I was impressed by their dedication to the craft and their passion for the team. Also, they’re hilarious. It’s gonna be great working with these guys.

For a full list of all the changes (cuts, additions, new teams, etc.) read below the jump.


Cut: Hot Toddy (2 year run), Natural 20 (8 month run).

Tatanka added Amy Phillips.

The Cartel added Lauri Roggenkamp and Erik Voss.


Cut: Key Party (1 year run), Turnstile (1 year run), Natalie (8 month run).

First Chair added Blake Hogue and Tiffani Mills.

Teen Police added Sky King and Stephen Saffarewich.

Medium Cool added Lindsay Hunter.

Triggerfinger (DCT, Saturday nights) got made into a DCT team. Their coach is Dave Hill. Cast: Angela Crouch, Derek Degeyter, Damien Fahey, Michael Garcia, Lou Gonzalez, Grasie Mercedes, Stacy Rumaker.

James Maestriani’s team: Adam Bowers, Colin Contreary, Debbie Friedman, Dan Hammamura, Kirk Mason, Gina Nicewonger, Neil Ruddy, Jonas Sansone, Tilt Tyree.

Kevin Fleming’s team: Darius De La Cruz, Bob Ladewig, Jeremy McKiernan, Robyn Norris, Andrew Peyton, Nate Ramsey, Ric Rosario, Ami Sarfati, Lauran September.

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