USS: Harold Openings ala David Fincher

I wrote a guest blog for USS Rock N Roll’s website about Harold openings, why we fear them, and an analogy that I found helpful.


“One of the big problems I have, and that I suspect many other iO West performers have, is that we don’t have a very clear picture of what a good Harold opening should look like. Yes, at some point when we were students we saw Trophy Wife, King Ten, or USS do a great opening, but we could never figure out how to make it work for ourselves. Every coach and teacher had a different metaphor. Time after time, we leapt into the abyss, fell on our faces, and watched our numbers decline and our teams get cut. The occasional good opening? Surely a fluke. Eventually, we started avoiding “organic openings” – a pejorative term that has now entered our lexicon – and simply gave up, settling for a much more practical Living Room or Pattern Game.”

I will be sitting in with USS later this month, and I’m very excited about that. Read the full post on

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