About Voss

Erik Voss is a writer and performer living in Los Angeles. He is a writer for the comedy news website Splitsider and the host of the Evil Blond Kid podcast. He is also a regular at the iO Theater in Hollywood, performing improv on the award-winning house team Wheelhouse and writing/performing on the house sketch team It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way.

While studying journalism at the University of Florida, he was a humor columnist for the local newspaper and did all sorts of cool things with Theatre Strike Force, UF’s long-running improv team, including producing a comedy series called Oppie’s Friend, Gene.

Erik has written various TV pilot scripts and spec scripts, which have made him a finalist in the Fox Comedy Script Contest in the 2013 New York TV Festival and a semi-finalist in the 2014 Austin Film Festival.

If you’re interested in working with Erik or learning more, send him an e-mail at erikaxelvoss@gmail.com. Or just follow him on Twitter and you’ll learn more than you need to know: @eavoss.

Erik loves doing improv so much that when you try to take a picture of him while he’s on stage, his fair skin glows blinding-white, so you can’t make out any of his features:





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